365 Collection Antibacterial iProtect Pen S-139 Green

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  • RELIABILITY: the original certification of antibacterial effectiveness test
  • UNIQUENESS: exclusivity worldwide for zinc ions
  • SUSTAINABILITY: a natural antibacterial active principle + Reforestation Project contribution

Lately it seems like people just can't stay well. Germs are spread everywhere, all the time, making it difficult to keep your health at its best. But this new Antibacterial iPROTECT Pen can help protect against those germs! With an antibacterial additive that is safe, clean and harmless, it has 99.9% protection against bacteria like MRSA, E.Coli and more! People will love the antibacterial feature on this smooth ballpoint pen - and especially for such a great price!

  • is made of ABS plastic with an antibacterial NATURAL additive with ZINC IONS
  • guarantees 99% protection against bacteria;
  • is made with an additive patented by an important Italian University;
  • has achieved the very demanding Standards required by the ISO 22196;
  • has an antibacterial action certified by an advanced microbiology laboratory;
  • guarantees a permanent efficacy (24h/7d);
  • its efficacy lasts as long as the pen itself;

ZINC IONS are not a BIOCID substance unlike SILVER IONS, which many scientific studies have shown to be harmful to human health and the environment.