La Grande Bellezza Limited Edition Forged Carbon Fiber Rosegold Fountain pen - Medium 14k Gold Nib

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For over 200 years Pineider has been a referent for printing, writing and leather goods. Located in Florentine where surrounding businesses include some of the world's leading luxury brands. Carbon Dream, a company established in 1993, is a leader in Italy and worldwide in the manufacturer of products derived from composite materials and has been used for Ferrari in Formula 1, from Bugatti to Ducati, and even in luxury yachts. Cooperation between Pineider and Carbon Dream led to the making of the first pen ever made in Forged Carbon. Assisted by the 10 engineers and technicians working with Carbon Dream, Pineider has produced the mould and perfected the technology required to adapt Forged Carbon for writing implements.


The Material:

What is traditionally known as carbon fibre is, in actual fact, a fabric of thin fibres held together by a resin. It is lightweight and resistant but has many limitations, especially if it is used for writing implements, such as creating complex curves or different inner and outer profiles. Forged carbon resolves these problems and many others experienced by carbon fibre. How does it do that?  In two words: discontinuous fibres.

Forged composite material forgoes weaving, using carefully arranged fibres mixed with resin, which forms in a heated press at high pressure. The resulting compound is strong in every direction without the additional cost or complexity of having to add more than one layer of material the way you need to do with woven carbon fibres. A large part of the work in developing Forged Composite material has involved making sure that the end product is extremely strong. A further aesthetic bonus of casual fibres is that every end product is as unique as a snowflake. This Great Beauty is the first pen ever made in Forged Carbon.

Mystery Filler:

Watch dials that do not indicate the time, where you have to guess the time from the position of the hour and minute hands are known as mysterious watches. Inspired by this, Pineider has enriched the plunger with a mechanism that allows the user to conceal the activation case back inside the barrel after filling the pen in order to prevent the filling system from opening accidentally. The mystery filler!


The Quill Nib:

The 14kt gold nib was designed in 2017 and following the global writing trend a nib was designed to be ultraflexible, responding easily your hands movements, creating beautiful strokes. Remember that a fountain pen is an extension of one's hand and requires no pressure when writing.


Twist Magnetic Lock: A Pineider Invention

Pineider has invented a new pen closure system capable of combining the pleasure of the screw cap with the immediacy and security of the magnetic closure. In Pineider's patent, the polarisation of the magnets makes for a soft opening and even more satisfying closure: you can open the pen slowly or you can watch it rotate on itself in your fingers while waiting to hear the pen close.


The Clip: A Goose Quill

The Goose Quill has been the chief writing implement since the fall of the Roman Empire and was used to write all things, from the Magna Carta to the American Declaration of Independence. The Goose Quill is freely interpreted for each pen on which it is bestowed, playing the crucial role of supporting the pen and allowing it to show itself to its best advantage. Pineider strives to recreate the quill as classical, young, technological, futuristic and invariably compliant with the principles of “Human Design”.



Limited Edition of 888 fountain pens and 888 rollerballs

Nib: 585 Iperflexible 14kt gold quill nib

Clip: activated quill in marine steel

Closure: twist magnetic lock converter

Filling system: mystery filler

Packaging: Pineider writing desk with pen and filler