Our Story 

Marlen, an international company specialized in the production of artisanal pens collected all over the world. Thanks to a consolidated experience based on the passion and creativity of master craftsmen working in the sector for over thirty years, the company has achieved a prestigious position in the international writing instruments world. The exclusive collections of Marlen pens, entirely “made in Italy”, are present in the most prestigious showcases: from London to New York, Paris, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Australia e China. Marlen was founded in 1982 in Sant’Arpino, in the province of Caserta, by Mario and Antonio Esposito, and has reached high levels of production quality combining tradition and innovation. Mario Esposito, current administrator of the company, has enhanced Italian excellence in the world to decree the company’s success. Antonio Esposito, Design Director, who, in his many years of creative activity, took inspiration from the Corinthian Capitel to give shape to the products, making it a key theme in the creation of the singular “Marlen Clip”.

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Hand Craft

The unique design and materials that characterize all Marlen writing instruments are combined with design and manufacturing techniques that make them perfect from a technical point of view. Marlen’s saying is “The pleasure of writing and reading over time” sperfectly summarizing the purpose of realizing works of art not only valuable from an aesthetic point of view, but also functional, comfortable and “eternal”. The originality and quality were also the subject of the Robb Report award conferred to the company in 2003 by the authoritative American magazine that identifies and selects annually the various expressions of excellence in the world of luxury lifestyle for the realization of the Cadran Solaire, a sculpture-jewel of the form of a sundial developed on the body of the pen that has inaugurated the technical scientific thread dedicated to time measurement. This prestigious creation was followed by the Stylo Lunaire and the Stylo Astrologie, until the realization of Northmatic watch.