Monza Collections

Monza ID:
Monza ID™ colorful and transparent demonstrator collection is featuring a modern, eye-catching design adorned with chrome accents. The see through body shows off the pens inner workings, catching the light and allowing the ink to shine. Lightweight and extremely comfortable in hand, Monza ID is suited for everyday writing and perfect for both beginners and professionals. Available in beautiful demonstrator Crystal Clear, Yellow, Orange and Green colors. The pen has a threaded cap for more secure fit and to prevent accidental ink leakage. Plus as a bonus, it is also an eyedropper pen. The barrel holds 5ml of ink and can be filled conveniently with an eyedropper (included). The fountain pen comes with a stainless steel Flex nib perfect for unique line variations. Each fountain pen is individually packaged with two standard international ink cartridges as well as a push in ink converter. The reusable box serves as both a beautiful gift box and a pen case.

Monza 3:
Express creativity with a different nib for every occasion. The Monteverde USA® Monza 3™ offers three removable front sections to accompany a trio of stainless steel nibs in Fine, Medium and Flex. The Fine nib is perfect for projects requiring detailed work. The Medium nib is ideal for writing down daily thoughts and quick meeting notes. The Flex nib adapts to every curve making it preferable for unique line variations. Monza 3 is available in Crystal Clear, Red, Purple, Teal and Blue colors. Each set comes with three push in ink converters, two ink cartridges, and is packaged in a beautiful gift box.