Monteverde USA® 10 piece ink gift set, Noir

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Noir Ink Collection New from Monteverde USA: The Noir Ink Collection. Inspired by the renowned blue/black ink combination, the Noir Collection expands on the idea of vibrant ink colors blended with black ink, creating a mixture of mysterious, bold and expressive fountain pen inks. Rich with moody neutrals and edgy hues, each Noir color combination suggests a certain weight, dignity, and formality to your words. Express your brightest and deepest thoughts with this new line of powerful fountain pen inks. Raven Noir – Black on black, as impenetrable as a raven flying through the night sky. Coal Noir – A beautiful gray fused with black, this shade is timeless, practical and as fundamental as coal. Rose Noir – Soft rose pink combined with black, a sensual yet strong shade. Ocean Noir – Splash into the depths of the ocean with this expressive blue mixed with black. Mercury Noir – Red blended with black, and as full of mystery as our planetoid neighbor. Mulberry Noir – Deep purple blended with black, a rare color in nature, royal and true. Jade Noir– A thoughtful and lively shade combined with black, as deep and dark as the greenest forest. Copper Noir – Bright orange fused with black, as strong willed and beautiful as the element itself. Azure Noir – An enchanting yet calming shade of blue melded with black, full of depth and stability. Smoke Noir – A mysterious shade of smoky gray blended with black, reminiscent of a cloudy day. Each ink is made with Monteverde USA’s European ink treatment formula (ITF), which drastically improves ink-flow quality, extends cap-off time, and lubricates and protects the ink feeding systems from corrosion or clogging.