Mistery Filler

To make the filling system more precious by imitating a famous watch making, is a new chance to embellish and refine a piston filler. Pineider has enriched the piston filler with a complication that allows to hide the blind cap in the barrel after having filled it, the Mystery Filler. The system is made from 7 parts, of high precision, that allows to activate the piston hiding the button in a way that cannot interfere with the cap when posted. The outlook is beautiful with the activation spring and bearing ball going up and down, that allows the all system to work , therefore we have made two demo versions , both limited Black Demo and Full Demo. The quill nib : A brand new nib was developed in 2017 and after long test is now ready for the release. Following the world trend for flexible nibs, The quill nib can be defined as iperflex with an excellent memory.