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Art Deco

Deco, a design era that began in the mid-1920’s, at the height of Conklin’s® fountain pen business, was a large influence on the modern art world from architecture to fashion. Conklin® pens were no exception, as they were a significant contribution to the creative new age. Conklin’s ® new Endura Deco Crest is the ideal revival of that exciting period.


From 1660 to the late 19th century filigree was ornamental work made with grains or beads. It was very popular in Italy, France and Portugal as well as India and Asia. Today filigree/overlay is a form of intricate metalwork usually of fine wire of gold, silver, copper or metal, and is used to decorate various surfaces. Filigree can be applied to any ornamental openwork of delicate or intricate design. The beauty of filigree craftsmanship is undeniable. 

The Conklin® Deco Crest™ Collection:

The first Deco Crest™ pens were manufactured by Conklin Pen Company® back in 1905. Through the years the Deco Crest™ kept its place in Conklin’s® collection by virtue of its beauty and durability.

The Conklin Deco Crest is available as a ballpoint with over made of solid 925% silver or rose gold vermeil over solid 925% silver.

Both are made in Florence, Italy, by the hands of the descendants of the artisans that made Florence the artistic center of the Renaissance. Added to this design of the filigree overlay is the beveled edge and gravure workmanship carved into the metal.

The ballpoint version of the limited edition Deco Crest measures 5-1/2", and like a fountain pen version, has a spring action clip. Using a twist action to extend and retract the ballpoint, the pen accepts the Parker-style ballpoint refill (included), also gel refills can be used in these pens.

The Conklin Deco Crest series is available as a Limited Edition of 98 silver ballpoint pens. Number on the pen is 00/98.