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The Latin word LEX is often defined in dictionaries with a simple three-letter word = LAW.  The Conklin LEX collection of writing instruments draws inspiration from the rich history of the legal profession, with its roots in Roman law, which had many contributions to modern society that are often taken for granted today.  The Conklin Lex family of writing instruments make the perfect gift for anyone just entering the profession, or as an elegant, everyday tool for even a seasoned advocate.

Each pen features a European-grade, hand-crafted smooth resin. The shiny black body is accented with 18KT gilded rose gold elements symbolizing crucial legal symbols; the law book, chapter signs, the scales of justice, the wooden gavel, and the courthouse. The top of the cap boasts an 18KT gilded rose gold coin, bearing the symbol of Themis, the Greek goddess of justice, engraved with the quote "lustitia est caeca" (Justice is blind) and the pens name "LEX."

The 18KT gilded rose gold clip showcases an image of the iconic scales of justice signifying the pens theme even when not in use.

The LEX Collection is available in three distinct writing modes:

                            Fountain pen • Rollerball pen • Ballpoint pen

The fountain pen boasts a premium 18KT gilded rose gold stainless steel nib, made in Germany by JoWo, the preeminent nib manufacturer in the world.  Offered in six distinctive point sizes: Extra fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Stub and Omniflex; the pen can easily be filled via standard international ink cartridges or high quality threaded piston converter (Included).

The capped rollerball adds a touch of elegance and practicality with its smooth writing refill.  Standard international refills in a myriad of point sizes and colors are available.

The twist-action ballpoint pen offers the longest possible refill life without sacrificing writing performance.  Industry standard Parker® Soft Roll™ style ballpoint or Gel refills are widely available.

The Conklin LEX fountain pen is presented in a deluxe gift box, accompanied by a 30 ml themed ink bottle. Similarly, the rollerball and ballpoint pens are elegantly packaged in luxury gift boxes with dedicated themed sleeves, making it the perfect gift for any member of the profession.

Experience the Conklin Lex Collection – a harmonious blend of historical reverence and contemporary elegance that elevates the simple act of writing to a higher plane.