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Conklin® 125th Anniversary Nozac Classic Limited Edition

Celebrating historic heritage with an outstanding invention

125 years ago the legend of fine and innovative writing instruments was born. In 1897 Roy Conklin established the Conklin Pen Company® in Toledo, Ohio, USA and patented the design for the first self-filling pen in 1901 – the crescent filler, causing his company to thrive and gain popularity in the face of the public, fascinated by innovative designs and function of Conklin’s writing instruments. Conklin’s famous self-filling mechanism revolutionized global communication simply by making the art of writing accessible anywhere, leaving ink spills and splatters in the past.
Conklin’s iconic and timeless heritage of craftsmanship continues to evolve throughout the centuries along with numerous products released. The many Conklin writing instruments released over the years offered supreme writing performance, eye-catching designs, and ultimate comfort for writers and artists. Today the Conklin Pen Company continues to amaze pen enthusiasts around the world, introducing unique, extraordinary products that transform the writing experience as it did 125 years ago. At the end of the 19th century the Conklin Pen Company® was born. To celebrate 125 years of fascinating pen making, Conklin introduces a new inimitable kind of writing instrument like never before. The design features 3D technology implementattion combined with exquisite materials and processes to bring to life the extraordinary design concept developed by pen genius Dante Del Vecchio.
After years of research and development, the Conklin 125th Anniversary Nozac Classic was born. A pure masterpieces in the history of pen making.

A new, groundbreaking classic like never before!

Conklin 125th Anniversary Nozac Classic unites a historic heritage of pen making and futuristic design achieved by implementing the latest technology to pen making process. Each writing instrument is inimitable work of art that is designed to provide an experience of a lifetime. Inspired by 10-side faceted Nozac piston-filler models produced back in 1933, Conklin 125th Anniversary Nozac
Classic features an enhanced design that shows off high-end technology with its newly redesigned Word Gauge, making the filling technology innovations easily visible right under the skin! Deep laser-engraved and located at the central part of the pen, the word gauge indicates the level of the remaining ink in the reservoir marked with roman numerals one through seven, representing the number of words that can be written with the remaining level of ink. (Each numeral represents 1000 words) Being made from a solid rod of anodized avionic aluminum, both the cap and the barrel of each writing instrument are resistant to damage and tarnish, providing a timeless elegance and durability. Paying homage to Conklin’s innovations applied to piston-filling mechanisms, Conklin Classic 125 adds a brand new mind-blowing filling technology- the FAST FILLER. Unlike all other piston-filling predecessors, the FAST FILLER activates with a single turn to fill the pen to full and does so up to five times faster than any other piston filler! Another innovative design implementation is the crescent-shaped clip, inspired by Conklin’s timeless icon of writing instruments- the Crescent Filler. The clip is custom made using Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technology to produce the intricate details of the design.
The MIM process uses a mold that is injected with metal powder and resin and then sintered at 2,000 degrees heat, leading
to evaporation of plastic, leaving space for metal that is shaped into a specific form.
Conklin 125th Anniversary Nozac Classic is designed with the experience unforgettable pleasure of writing in mind. It is
well balanced, comfortable in hand, and smooth on paper. The cap, equipped with a magnetic twist mechanism, adds an addictive
satisfaction each time it is used. Each pen is offered in four lustrous colors: blue, green, orange, and red. The colors of green,
orange, and red are accompanied by black PVD plated aluminum trims on the word gauge and knob, meanwhile the blue is
complimented by chrome palladium plating trims. The collection is limited to 125 pieces each mode.
All fountain pens are outfitted with a smooth premium 14K solid gold JoWo nib, displaying the brand name and marked with a
special crescent-shaped breathing hole unique to Conklin brand. The nib is available in fine, medium and Omniflex point sizes. The fountain pen fills with one turn FAST FILLER and holds up to 1 ml of ink. The rollerball pen accepts Conklin standard international rollerball refill.
Each Conklin 125th Anniversary Nozac Classic comes in a custom-made of solid wood and leather luxury crescent-shaped gift box and a high-end fitted sleeve. Each gift box celebrates a fascinating journey through the history of pen making and skilled craftsmanship. The cover of the gift box is secured by four magnets holding its idol in place, adding protection and complementing the overall aesthetics of each writing instrument. A perfectly fitted sleeve complements the overall look with a futuristic, eye-catching design.

About Nozac

Groundbreaking innovation in the world of instruments

In 1931, Conklin® Pen Company introduced a revolutionary innovation that completely transformed the writing experience forever- the first pen with a piston filler system in the United States. The company released the Conklin Endura –Graph model which was equipped with a piston filling system instead of the ink sack that was used in crescent filler models. Unlike the ink-sack, the piston filling system allowed larger ink capacity and a smoother filling experience. The absence of the rubber sack in the writing instruments with a piston-filing system led to the name Nozac, which means ‘no sac’. Throughout the years Nozac models have been evolving and transforming the look of the iconic Conklin writing instruments. One of the revolutionary breakthroughs in Conklin’s design was the introduction of the Word Gauge. The Word Gauge is a transparent visor segment that displays ink deposits within the pen marked in units of 1,000 words; each mark corresponded to the amount of ink required to write 1,000 words. Nozac writing instruments were made in different sizes and offered 5,000 words to 8,000 words ink volume which applied well to varied types of users. Furthermore, several piston filling mechanism modifications were made over the years to Nozac models, such as the quick filler introduced in 1936 and the twist filler in 1935. The quick filler, also known as One Stroke Vacuum Filler was a filling system operated lengthwise and required extending the knob outward the pen and pressing on a single stroke to fill. Meanwhile, the Twist Filler is activated by turning the knob to expel the air and in the opposite direction to suck in the ink. Conklin Nozac was a major change for the writing industry as it introduced comfort and ease to the experience, allowing its users to focus on the process itself. Today Conklin continues to innovate, leading to newly introduced futuristic designs.