Delta Duna Matte Black/Rosegold Fountain Pen 14KT Nib

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Delta, the renowned Italian pen brand that has been creating stunning and distinct pens since the 1980s, has made a triumphant return after it ceased operations in the 2010s. The brand has recently launched a new model called "Duna," which is a handmade pen made in Naples, Italy that exudes a European Mediterranean charm. The pen's simple yet elegant design includes a vintage-modern style with a classical ball clip and conical tip, as well as a piston-filling mechanism and ink window that enables the user to keep track of ink levels.  The pen has a tapering shape cap and sleek matte black finish (Matte/Black) that have a sophisticated feel to it. The pen's trim color matches the nib in the lovely shade of rose gold. The pen nib is crafted from high-quality stainless steel made by well-known German brand JoWo and includes a flex specification that allows the user to alter the line thickness by varying the pressure applied to the nib. Offered in fountain pen, rollerball, and ballpoint mode.