Delta dV Write Balance 14kt Fountain Pen

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The Delta DV Write Balance luxury fountain pen is specially designed to offer optimal balance for the user that reduces fatigue and provides a more comfortable writing experience. The Write Balance pen features a removable two-gram weight, which can be added or removed depending on personal preference. With the weight inserted into the cone, the fountain pen’s balance is shifted toward the back end, meaning that the user’s hand is more involved in the writing. This top weighted center of gravity is often preferred by calligraphers. With the weight removed from the pen, the balance is weighted towards the nib.  This is typically the most comfortable balance for every-day use.

The DV Write Balance features a solid 14k gold nib, renowned for its smooth writing performance and exceptional durability.  The beautifully tapered cap is turned from rich black Italian resin while the barrel is cast in a brilliant tiger orange that is synonymous with the Delta DV Original collection.  Each pen is handsomely adorned with a handcrafted silver band and Delta’s signature roller clip for easy use.

Handsomely gift boxed, the pen fills via standard international ink cartridge/converter.  The 14K gold nib is available in seven distinctive point sizes.

The Delta DV Write Balance is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality writing instrument that offers exceptional balance and comfort while writing. Whether you're a seasoned writer or just starting out, the Write Balance is sure to impress with its exceptional writing performance and stylish design.


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