Delta Limited Edition Alessandro Manzoni Fountain Pen 14K Gold Nib

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Delta Alessandro Manzoni DELTA, Artigiani dellla Scrittura, has designed an extraordinary limited edition writing instrument that celebrates the 150th anniversary of the death of Alessandro Manzoni (Milan 1785 - Milan 1873), Italian writer, poet and playwright famous all over the world for 'The Betrothed' , a timeless masterpiece of Italian literature. The cap is personalized by the authentic signature of the great writer and at its end is housed a cabochon which, in relief, portrays the commemorative writing and the Delta logo. The band placed on the cap is in 925 sterling silver, obtained by "lost wax" casting, reproduces the typical neo-Renaissance style ornament that enriches the facade of his Milanese home, where he lived from 1814 until his death. The shaft, on the other hand, has special engraving that recall the rhomboidal design on the facade of the same house. The blind cap houses a cabochon, the ideal place for engraving the progressive production number. Limited to only 150 pieces worldwide, the fountain pen is provided by piston filling system with end-of-stroke clutch. Transparent window for checking the ink level. The nib is in 14-karat gold and is engraved with the so-called "sperada", a typical Lombard hairstyle made up of a variable number of pins arranged in a radial pattern, which Manzoni describes in detail as the hairstyle of Lucia from 'The Betrothed'.

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