Diplomat Aero Citrus 0.7mm Mechanical Pencil

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Elevate your summer days with a new fresh look of Diplomat’s Aero Citrus. Gorgeous, rich citrus color is excellent for any occasion as it creates both exotic and professional look of this stunning writing instrument. The design of Aero derives from the 1900s, when first test flight of the Zeppelin airship begun under the aeronautical leadership of Earl von Zeppelin. In honor of such unique historical event, Diplomat introduced the Aero pen to the market that is designed in a shape that closely resembles the Zeppelin airship. Gorgeous, full aluminum casing, smooth anodized surfaces, and precise grooves on the barrel make the shape and feel of this pen truly special. In addition, Aero pen features a smooth stainless steel or 14K gold nib that will enhance writing experience. Brighten a day with the new Aero citrus.