Maiora Ogiva (Golden Age) Brown (Fire) Fountain Pen

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Maiora is proud to present the exquisite Ogiva Golden Age fountain pen collection, a masterpiece made using special Italian materials that contain gold powders, giving them the name "Golden Age". Despite its classic shape, the collection features an innovative design called "Ultra Ogive", which is entirely new. Each pen is numbered, features a 925 sterling silver cap band and is 100% handmade in Italy.

Maiora's legacy dates back to 1978 and is the result of a collaboration of skilled professionals with over 40 years of experience in crafting exquisite writing instruments. The brand's steadfast commitment to "made in Italy" authenticity, coupled with a perfect balance of functionality and elegance, has created a timeless style that is synonymous with Maiora's success. The brand's strengths are rooted in experience, passion, and enthusiasm, as evident in the stories and craftsmanship of each Maiora pen.

The Ogiva Golden Age collection is available in with either steel or 14K nibs in a stunning array of point sizes. The steel nib version features a cartridge/converter filling system while the special version boasts a piston filling system with ink monitoring window and a 14k gold nib. Both construction modes come with 925 sterling silver cap bands and are available in three different finishes: gold, rose gold (for the brown only), and palladium. The Ogiva Golden Age is a new frontier, a new look, and a new work of art, entirely handmade in Italy.