Monteverde USA® 25th Anniversary Limited Edition 1999 Innova Lightning Rollerball Pen

Monteverde USA
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The twist-action ballpoint pen offers the longest possible refill life without sacrificing writing performance. Industry standard Parker® Soft Roll™ style ballpoint or Gel refills are widely available.

Twenty-five years ago, an idea, like a bolt of lightning struck, igniting the journey that birthed our esteemed brand! For 25 years, Monteverde USA® has been dedicated to creating elegant, innovative, and colorful writing instruments. With a rich history and a wide range of beloved products, Monteverde® has become a global leader in the fine pen industry, offering unparalleled quality and affordable luxury. Renowned for introducing new shapes and colors, Monteverde pens are found in premier shops across 30 countries, catering to pen enthusiasts worldwide. Experience the magical charm of Monteverde USA writing instruments and rediscover the joy of writing in today's digital age. To honor the first pen model that launched the brand and its remarkable 25-year legacy, Monteverde presents the Innova Formula M Lightning Limited Edition 1999, a remarkable writing instrument designed to captivate pen enthusiasts and dreamers alike. Drawing from the awe-inspiring force of lightning, this collection combines unique materials and cutting-edge designs to evoke power, vibrancy, and elegance resulting in a product that came from a dream to reality. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each pen features a 304 wire-braided stainless steel sleeve coated in a vibrant rainbow of colors through PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technology. This innovative process not only enhances the appearance but also ensures durability, resistance to UV rays and abrasion. The matte PVD coating provides additional vibrancy, luster, and durability, while the brass barrel and cap offer a solid foundation. A unique and attractive CARBON FIBER RING offsets the gunmetal appointments and completes the design.