Monteverde USA® 365 Gemstone Ballpoint Pen Turquoise

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Monteverde USA® Gemstone Ballpoint/Stylus Pen is a versatile and stylish writing instrument that combines the functionality of a ballpoint pen with the touch precision of a stylus. The pen features a smooth-writing ballpoint tip on one end and a capacitive stylus tip on the other, making it a perfect tool for both writing on paper and navigating touch screens. The body of the pen is made from high-quality materials and is then decorated with a variety of gemstones, giving it a stunning and luxurious appearance. Gemstone Ballpoint/Stylus Pens are perfect for those who are looking for a functional and stylish writing instrument that can be used both in their professional and personal life. Whether it's used for writing notes, creating digital drawings, or simply navigating a touch screen, a Monteverde USA® Gemstone Ballpoint/Stylus Pen is sure to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. The pen features: Shiny Chrome Accents•Smooth Medium Point•Colored Crystals•Stylus Top•Twist Action•Black Ink

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