Monteverde USA® Engage™ Demo Ink·Ball™

Monteverde USA® Engage™ Demo Ink·Ball™

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The Monteverde USA® brand was launched in 1999 with one model. Today, the brand is known and respected by aficionados all over the world for its innovative designs, inclusive price points, and its unique, vast collections to suit any taste. Along with their list of accomplishments is the invention of the one-of-a-kind retractable Ink•Ball™ technology by Monteverde USA®’s founder and top pen designer, Yair “Jerry” Greenberg. He strove to create a new type of writing instrument that shared many characteristics of a fountain pen but with its own unique flair.


In honor of the 20 year anniversary and all of their successes, Monteverde USA® is proud to introduce to you the Engage™ Demo, the first ever retractable Ink-Ball demonstrator available in the world. Each Ink•Ball™ is carefully hand assembled using strong, clear European resin and is strikingly contrasted with black accents throughout. The first translucent body available on an Engage™ and specially designed to show off the pens inner workings, allowing you to view your appreciate your ink color choice or check the level without having to disassemble your pen. Exclusively made for the Engage™ Demo is a new glossy black converter to match the pens trim and inner workings.


The retractable Engage™ utilizes one-of-a-kind Ink•Ball™ technology to draw ink in the fashion of a fountain pen, but with the convenience of a rollerball. It can be filled from an ink bottle by drawing ink up through the point using the threaded glossy black converter located inside the pen. Paired with its retractable function, the Engage offers the smoothest and most versatile liquid writing experience available to date all without having to worry about your ink drying or having it uncap in your bag.


The Engage™ Demo accepts both Monteverde® standard international G3 ink cartridges or piston ink converter (included) and comes with a cartridge adapter for a secure fit inside the inner mechanism. Each pen comes housed in a luxury green Monteverde USA® box and sleeve.

Always ready to write when you are. Get your retractable Engage™ Demo today!

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