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The people of Kuna live on reservations in Panama and in a few small villages in Colombia. The people of Kuna are known for their bright molas, a colorful textile art form made up of several layers of embroidered cotton. (Mola translates as “clothing” from Kuna Language.) Molas segments are used to make or decorate blouses of Kuna women’s national dresses, which are worn daily. In Kuna language, the word for mola blouse is Tulemola which translates as “Kuna people’s clothing”. The textile designs are colorful and portray eclectic patterns of nature, animals, and cultural symbols which make up a very unique look and color pallet. Some other colorful items that are also recognized as an important part of the traditional attire is a red cotton scare frown on the head of women, colorful ornaments worn on faces and around the neck, stings of red, black, and yellow beads worn on the legs and arms, and the Olo – a gold ring worn through the nose. The Monteverde USA® Kuna pen design was inspired by the extraordinary colors and patterns that derived from traditional textiles, attires, and designs that are used in Kuna’s culture. Exclusive custom hand-made and mixed high-quality resin of red, gold, green, yellow, orange, and pink creates an incredible combination that carries deep connection with the cultural values of the people of Kuna and an incredibly rich traditional artworks produced by generations of the Kuna people. Accented with chrome trim and polished ring, engraved with the name of the people – “Kuna”, and traditional ornaments to bring awareness of the true origins of this unique pen design. This pen collection was created to bring attention to the Kuna’s culture, traditions, and sacred believes, and raise awareness about the importance of the People of the world. Monteverde USA® Kuna pen is available in fountain pen and ballpoint modes. The fountain pen is equipped with a stainless steel JoWo #6 nib engraved with the Monteverde USA® logo and fills via a standard cartridge or converter (included). The nib is available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, 1.1mm Stub, and Omniflex point sizes. The twist-action ballpoint pen accepts standard Monteverde USA® refills P1 and P4 (Parker® style). Each Monteverde USA® pen features a lifetime warranty and is sold in a luxurious gift box. Monteverde USA® is committed to supporting and protecting indigenous peoples and their cultures around the globe and will donate a portion of the proceeds from the People of the World collection to organizations that work towards furthering that goal.

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