NETTUNO 1911 Neos Ulisse (matte blue / palladium) fountain pen

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Nettuno was founded in 1911 and continues production today under the watchful eye of Nino Marino and the
Maiora Pen Company. In 2018, Mr. Marino, who co-founded the Delta Pen Company, started Maiora in Naples Italy,
bringing the same beauty and hand-made quality as his earlier venture.
The Nettuno 1911 Neos features an elegant design; the body is made of red and blue  ecked resin body, complimented
by a diamond engraved cabochon on top and center band. The pen features a three-dimensional clip and
is decorated with gold-plated accents. It  lls via standard international cartridge/converter (included) and is  tted
with a stainless steel nib available in EF,F,M,B and Stub point sizes. Each pen is individually numbered and beautifully
gift boxed.