Private Reserve Ink, 60 ml ink bottle; Infinity Black (with E.C.O. formula)

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Yair (Jerry) Greenberg the owner of Private Reserve Inks is proud to announce a break-through in fountain pen ink technology and truly, a game changer for the fountain pen industry. For many years, we were trying to come up with a new ink formula which will allow a fountain pen user to leave the pen capless for a long period of time. Until now, to write with a fountain pen required users to cap the pen often to avoid the ink from evaporating, drying and clogging feeding system. I am happy to report that after many years of testing we finally aced it. To the best of our knowledge, we are the first and only company to offer this kind of ink.


The Private Reserve Infinity Fountain Pen Ink with the E.C.O (extended cap off) Formula
So, why did we name it Infinity?
We tested the ink in a pen with its cap off for many hours and the performance was stellar.
If you write with the fountain pen intermittently, theoretically, it can be cap-off “forever”.
We offer the Infinity Ink collection in our beautiful 60ml luxury ink bottle.

And in 6 bright colors:

With this new technologically advanced ink formula, we hope to bring many new consumers to use fountain pens in their daily personal and professional lives.