Schmidt® P900 Ballpoint Pen Refill, Broad Point, 6 pk Black

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- Writes Upside down! During flights and underwater! - Unlimited Shelf Life with special Ink - G2 refill with stainless steel tip, writing stroke M - Writing colors black and blue.

SCHMIDT® MegaLine pressurized technology turns everything upside down! These highly sophisticated writing modules are based on an inside over pressure. This enables not only a writing upside down or under the most extreme environmental conditions, but also a writing with highest speeds.The SCHMIDT® MegaLine system allows to write and to draw in each possible situation without any problems – this is really cutting edge refill technology. Writing instruments equipped with SCHMIDT® MegaLine pressurized refills are a reliable partner for their owner – always and everywhere. Thanks to their air tight system, these refills have a literally unlimited shelf-life.They are equipped with stainless steel tips manufactured with utmost precision as well as special ink pastes developed exclusively for this purpose.